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RARE Live Show Recording from Hamtramck Pub circa 1992 Unearthed

October 8, 2022 - Thanks to Louis Amadio, former bass player for 17RW, for sending these rare live recordings from the early days of the band.  The Hamtramck Pub has since burned and was torn down (Tear Down) many years ago, so this was the best photo we could find on google.  It existed in the days just before the interwebs and a camera in every pocket. Here are Lou's words from the CD he put together:


This is the 5th album I am producing for my grandkids and posterity. Prior CD’s I made ranged from Bluegrass/Country to 80’s Top 40. This latest album contains songs recorded with 17 Reasons Why. Some songs are basement demos, most are recorded live at the Hamtramck Pub in 1992. We had a great friends and family crowd.

Pictured is the exact set up I used for this recording. At that time, my new Ibanez SR1500 Bass worked real well for some of the slap bass parts in Sometimes and Pain. My amplifier is a 200 watt all tube FenderStudioBass with a 15” Gauss speaker and a 4”x12” Fender extension cabinet. Hope you enjoy this small “time capsule” of our music experience.

After years playing on the road in the 80’s with the Touch Band, I went back to work in the field of marketing but still had music in my blood and longed to keep up with my playing. 

A friend of mine at work, Sherry Lynn Platt, informed me her husband Marc (who was a lifelong guitarist in many bands), was looking for a bass player. Finally, something that sounded promising. I found Marc to be an extremely talented songwriter & performer.

Together with the late great Vondi Campbell on guitar and Johnny on drums, I found not only special relationships, but music that fit my playing style and a fun and memorable experience I will never forget. The addition of the horn section topped off our sound perfectly.

Marc’s songs he wrote for 17 Reasons Why are timeless, spanning several genres of music styles and capturing the excitement he brought to the stage. His connection with the audience is legendary.

The music is raw and the sound quality is not up to modern standards, but it truly is a time capsule of a magical time for all involved. 

The My Secret Life / 17 Reasons Why Reunion Show @ Ireland's Pub, Clinton Twp, MI

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - Original members of  My Secret Life and 17 Reasons Why played to a standing room only crowd at Ireland's Pub in Clinton Township, MI. This was the first reunion of both bands since 2008. Click the link below to view the playlist from this show on YouTube:


The My Secret Life / 17 Reasons Why Reunion Show

Live! at Hamtramck Pub

My Secret Life & Friends @ Pub 1281, Clinton Twp, MI


Saturday, June 21, 2008  - Members of My Secret Life and 17 Reasons Why got together for a lively reunion show at Pub 1281 in Clinton Township, MI. Listen to the songs from this show on the Music page - MSL & Friends.

17 Reasons Why Wins Soundcheck Competition


Tuesday,  June 15, 1993 - The original 17 Reasons Why played at the State Theater in Detroit, MI for the local finals of the Yamaha / Ticketmaster Soundcheck competition for unsigned bands and pulled out an incredible victory.

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